Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer flowers in spite of the rain

Despite this being one of the worst summers since 1985 we do have some lovely flowers out just now. The foxgloves are lovelywith the canterbury bells with the candelabra primulas. I am keeping the seed for the primulas as I love seeing them at this time of year and they are very easy to germinate.
I think the clour of the monkshood with the foxgloves is my favourite.

Sage flowering on the herb spiral

The sage is flowering beautifully just now on the herb spiral Alasdair made. We also have thyme, Rosemary and chives in it.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Garden maintenance

We have had some wonderful help over the last few months from wwoofers - worldwide workers on organic farms. In exchange for board and lodgings people come and help in the garden for a few days or weeks in their world travels. Our garden is so large it would now be difficult to manage it without them and we have been having people very summer for the last 6 years.

Our most recent helpers sorted out some overgrown paths and some small overgrown hedges as well as many other tasks. Here are some photos.
Paths that were getting overgrown and uneven -below after the the paths were cleared.
Escalonia Hedging in grass - below after the the clearing of the grass with cardboard added to let the plants grow.